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A library of support to help healthcare workers maintain their resilience and prevent burnout.

Build your resilience

Manage your stress
Improve your sleep
Prioritise your recovery

Protect your well-being

Regulate your emotions
Regain your balance
Learn to switch off

Prevent burnout

Protect your mental health
Maintain your energy
Build your support network

Welcome to the LAB


The full list of video lessons:

  • Focus on what's within your control
  • Prioritise your recovery
  • Get good quality sleep
  • Practise gratitude
  • Allow your mind to switch off
  • Learn how to say no (kindly)
  • Take time to reflect
  • Regulate your physiology
  • Practise meditation & mindfulness
  • Exercise regularly
  • Create your resilience habits

Phil Dobson is the founder of BrainWorkshops and author of ‘The Brain Book’.

Phil helps people improve their productivity, enhance their creativity and build their resilience through practices grounded in neuroscience and psychological research.

He specialises in developing high performance with organisations, using psychological science to help people thrive at work. His clients include The Financial Times, Facebook, the BBC, NBCUniversal, Warner Music, Channel 4, and ViacomCBS.

Phil partnered with emergency physicians, Barbra Backus, Noortje Dorscheidt and Benjamin Gerretsen to create BrainWorkshops LAB: free support for physicians, critical care specialists and the global medical community.

More about Phil at


Focus on what's within your control

How to prioritise your psychological recovery

How to get good quality sleep

How to switch off after a busy shift - Part 1

How to switch off after a busy shift - Part 2

How to relax by regulating your physiology

For the audio resource mentioned in the Regulate your physiology video, click here:

Progressive Relaxation

How to use meditation & mindfulness

For the audio resource mentioned in the meditation & mindfulness video, click here:

Progressive Relaxation + Mindfulness

Progressive Relaxation + Focused Meditation

How to say 'no' (kindly)

Why exercise improves your resilience

Why gratitude improves your well-being

Why it helps to reflect

How to create your resilience habits


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